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1950's Vintage Style Dresses

Vintage style clothing collection inspired by the revolutionary 1930's, dress styles of the 40's & WW2, the flirtatious swinging 50's and Golden Hollywood style of the 60's. The range of Vintage style dresses include Rockabilly, 1940's Hepburn Tea dresses, 50's swing, jive and circle dresses, Pinup, 1950's pencil and wiggle dresses, plus sizes and retro accessories including petticoats.
Blue Lace 1940s A Line Flared Dress
Rockabilly 1950 Red Floral Dress 8-24
Price: £36.99
Sale Price: £18.99
Vintage Black Long Sleeved Tea Dress
Price: £38.99
NEW! Polka Dot Off-Shoulder Swing Dress
Price: £38.99
Black Striped 1950s Swing Dress
Price: £38.99
Blue Lace High Collar Vintage Gown
Audrey Hepburn Style Evening Dress Red
Price: £34.99
Sale Price: £17.99
Plus Size 1950's Black Dress UK 18-30

1950's Fashion - a quick guide

1950s Fashion
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1950's Swing Dresses

Swing Dress
Swing Dresses - often also known as Rockabilly Dresses or Prom Dresses - took their name from the Jazz Swing music movement which had it's roots in the 1940's. Swing music underwent a revival in the 1950's and became known as just Swing or Swinging Pop. Rockabilly and Rock n Roll music was also becoming prominent and dances featuring all three types of music became very popular with young people. Music began shaping 1950's fashion in a way that it had never done before.

Swing Dresses were designed to look great when dancing with full circle skirts, which as their name implies give a full circle when laid flat. These dresses still look fantastic today whether at a retro evening/function or for a classy look at any event or night out.

1950's Style Petticoats

Vintage Petticoats
You will also find full or double skin petticoats to wear under the swing dresses. Most swing dresses will look just as good without the petticoats but if you want the original 1950's full dress shape and particulary if you are a smaller dress size a full petticoat will complete that 50's vintage style and look. When buying a Petticoat to wear under a particular dress or skirt you should take care to ensure the petticoat is at least as long as the skirt. A full petticoat that is much shorter than the dress/skirt length does not look good as the skirt or dress will flare out and then lie limp where it is longer than the petticoat.

Tea Dresses

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Tea Dresses
Tea Dresses are based on post war late 1940's and 1950's dress designs and prints. Tea Dresses became popular after World War Two when women, tired of the plain fabrics available during rationing in the war years, wanted to wear brighter fabrics and designs. Rationing on fabrics had meant the war years were dominated by drab designs in dull fabrics but this all changed after the war. In 1947 Christian Dior in Paris had produced what became known as The New Look Collection with feminine shapes and forms which were in stark contrast to clothing available during the war effort. Although not widely accepted at first, especially in Britain where rationing continued for some time after the war (only officially ending in 1949), Dior's New Look range is now seen as a major fashion landmark. The Tea Dress name comes literally from dresses worn for going for tea with friends.

Pencil or Wiggle Dresses

Pencil Dresses
The Pencil Dress is a 1940's and 1950's fashion classic which was popular into the 1960's. Pencil Dresses were originally known as Sheath Dresses but today are more commonly known as Wiggle Dresses because of the cut - narrower at the knees than the hips - which gives you a 'wiggle' when you walk. Look for stretch fabrics in these figure hugging dresses for a flattering and figure hugging fit, most dresses listed have at least a two way stretch with four way stretch fabrics also available.