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Vintage Pencil Dresses and Wiggle Dresses

Timeless Pencil and Wiggle Dress vintage designs inspired from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Each dress has been produced and crafted to bring you ultra glamour with a flattering cut and curvy fit. This selection of stunning vintage pencil dresses will shape your body, drawing you in at the waist and providing you that stunning Hollywood hour glass figure. They come in a beautiful range of high quality fabrics and luxury detailing to ensure the unrivalled quality and fit of these dresses. The vintage pencil and wiggle dress are a classy choice for evening wear, work wear, party dresses and weddings.

There are a wide variety of vintage pencil dress designs covering the decades including: casual and evening Black pencil dresses, couture designs, polka dot, floral print, animal print, plain colours, collared, handmade, Satin, Silk pencil wiggle dresses. All Vintage style dress sizes include plus size. Please check back here for our frequent Vintage Pencil Dress Sales.

Black Business 1950s Pencil Dress
Blue Bodycon Pencil Dress
Red Velvet Crossover Wiggle Dress
Price: £54.99
Gold Silver Old Hollywood Wiggle Dress
Green Velvet Crossover Wiggle Dress
Price: £54.99
Purple Velvet Crossover Wiggle Dress
Price: £49.99
Black Velvet Crossover Wiggle Dress
Price: £54.99
Purple Over-The-Shoulder Pencil Dress
Price: £24.99 - £28.99

1940's, 1950's Wiggle / Pencil Dresses

Pencil Dresses were more commonly known as Sheath Dresses in the 1940's and 1950's but since the 50's vintage clothing revival have also become known as Wiggle Dresses. Classic black with white detail pencil dresses are very popular but don't discount the full range of colours available! Polka Dots are in demand too, usually as a contrast or detail, but other prints - floral, leopard and animal prints especially - are becoming more sought after today. The Pencil Dresses listed below come in a wide range of sizes with Plus Sizes available across many styles. Please see each individual listing for details.