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Retro Swimwear and Vintage Swim Suits

Stylish and classic vintage 1950s style swimwear, vintage bikinis and swim suit collection with unique designs and plus sizes. Ranges include Retro one piece and two piece bathing costumes, swim suits, polka dot swim wear, Halter tops, Shorts two piece swim suits, plus size retro vintage swim wear and accessories. Vintage Accessories include retro swim caps and beach cover ups, beach wear and sunglasses.
1950s Sailor Inspired Swimming Costume
Price: £26.84 - £37.30
Retro Halter Neck Swim Suit / Shorts 1PC
Retro Black Halter Neck Swim Suit
Retro Halter Neck SwimSuit Shorts 1PC
Retro Blue Halter Tummy Control Swimwear
Retro Halterneck Tummy Control Swimwear
Red Polka 2 Piece High Waisted Swim Suit
Price: £12.99
Black Polka 2 Pce High Waisted Swim Suit
Price: £12.99