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1940's Tea Skater Dresses

1940's Vintage style 1940's Tea Skater Dress Collection with both classic and whimsical Tea dress designs for day and evening wear. Vintage style colours and prints for day wear and stunning and unique party Tea Dresses features such as delicate lace, pearl button and velvet detailing. The Tea/Skater Dress collection is available in plus sizes UK 8-28. The 1940s and 1950s Retro Tea/Skater dress collection is also inspired by WW2, Landgirl, pinup and Rockabilly.
Ruched V Neck 1940's Flared Dress
Green Ruched V Neck 194os Flared Dress
Blue Lace 1940s A Line Flared Dress
Black 1940s style V Neck Tea Dress
Purple 1940s style V Neck Tea Dress
Vintage Black Long Sleeved Tea Dress
Price: £38.99
Vintage Champagne Long Sleeved Tea Dress
Price: £38.99
Vintage Yellow 1940s Flared Dress
Price: £16.99 - £24.99

Tea Dresses

Tea Dress (or Hepburn Dresses as they have more recently become known as) first became popular after the end of World War Two in 1945. During the war clothing (and many more everyday items) was rationed to basically one new full outfit a year. Fabrics, yarns and factory capacity were needed to produce uniforms, parachutes and many other cloth based items to support the war effort meaning people had to make, repair, alter or swap their clothes. Garments had to be long lasting and practical. Clothing rationing stayed in place until 1949, some four years after the war had ended and although the fashion black market was busy and lucrative for some it was also expensive. Women naturally wanted affordable, brighter fashionable dresses to put the years of dull practical clothing behind them. Floral prints and brighter colours in feminine designs became in demand and remain popular today with polka dots and checks also amongst the favourites.