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Vintage Shoes

The vintage style shoe collection has glamorous shoes inspired by original designs from the 1920's, 30's, 1940's, 1950's and 60's. Whether you are looking for Show Stopping vintage style high heels inspired by the Golden age of Hollywood, retro dance shoes from the 1950s Swing era, Pinup style high heels stilettos or something more comfortable, you'll find it here.

You will find classic and unique designs to complete any retro style outfit here. There is also a matching vintage style bags with the shoes in the Vintage Bag Section.

The Vintage styles shoes include Platform, court shoes, wedges, 1920s low heeled Charleston shoes, Mary Janes shoes, Vintage High heels, Great Gatsby shoes, ankle boots, vintage style sandals, flat shoes, boots and swing dance shoes.

Vintage Black Block Heel Shoes
Nova Orion Space and Stars Retro Shoes
Rockabilly Cherry Print Retro Shoes
Retro Sailor Mary Janes Flat Shoes
Price: £64.99 - £68.49
Pink Vintage Style Block Heel Shoes
Vintage Pink Floral Mary Jane Flat Shoes
Price: £66.12 - £71.41
Funky Tatoo Woman Mary Janes Flat Shoes
Retro Black Skull in Top Hat Shoes
Price: £70.45 - £70.94